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19 Feb 2005

Presenting dm_tube_v2, an update to the Half-Life 2 map dm_tube_dude, which was submitted to the Valve HL2DM map-making contest Jan 2005.

(Post your constructive criticism/feedback on this forums.steampowered.com thread please)

DM Tube v2

The map is set below ground level, in a complex of underground railway tunnels beneath City 51.

With multiple routes over, under and around your opponents, and now, a rideable train, the map provides opportunities for both close combat and sneaky camping.

The curvature of the tunnel walls and the connectivity between them means you'll get plenty of rocket-surprise, and some laughs from the unpredictable paths the Combine balls take, too.

New features in v2:

  • rideable train added - thanks to Kamil Konecko (DM_SubwayV1 designer) for the inspiration for this. I didn't have time to implement a train before the DM contest, so this was the main reason for making v2. I also learnt a lot from Valve's sdk_d1_trainstation_01; and from dm_arrival - thanks to designer Andrew Egelhofer, for this excellent map.

  • includes Valve's new slam weapon, crowbar and stunstick

  • The ticket hall area now features a surveillance droid

  • texturing/lighting improvements (some areas, e.g. footbridge, had model textures on the walls, which looked bad.)

  • the three stations are all now connected by tunnels forming a full circuit (I didn't want to have the train shuttle back and forth.)

  • the Combine forces have upgraded security, its no longer possible to enter the tunnels on foot, you must ride the train. I wasn't happy with the long time it took to walk through the tunnels, they didn't add much gameplay.

  • some weapon placement changes, making the crossbow and combine rifle less accessible.

  • a few areas have added retreats

  • removed odd-looking dust cloud from one of the stations

  • replaced static train

  • less silly name (dm_tube_v2 is the new name for this map.)

Below are some screenshots, images kindly provided by BadAss Nox and JimmyTheGrunt.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy it.

(click on these to see larger images)

The booking hall
Screenshot: BadAss Nox
View along platform to the footbridge
Screenshot: BadAss Nox
Re-arranging the furniture
Screenshot: BadAss Nox
A tantalizing glimpse of City 51, outside
Screenshot: BadAss Nox
The escalator corridor
Screenshot: BadAss Nox
Looking down the platform from beneath the footbridge
Screenshot: BadAss Nox
Crossing the footbridge
Screenshot: BadAss Nox
Looking down from the footbridge
Screenshot: BadAss Nox
This tunnel has fallen into disrepair
Screenshot: JimmyTheGrunt
Crossover arches between tunnel levels
Screenshot: JimmyTheGrunt
In the booking hall
Screenshot: JimmyTheGrunt
Steps down from the booking hall
Screenshot: BadAss Nox
These views taken in the Hammer editor
Image: Mike Kennelly
(some components hidden for clarity)
Image: Mike Kennelly
General GL View
Image: Mike Kennelly
A tunnel in the GL view
Image: Mike Kennelly

Download It!

Download the necessary files from here...

Installation Instructions:
Download dm_tube_v2.zip and unzip it into your half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps directory.
( Within your Steam directory this is located in:
Steam\SteamApps\your-email-address\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps )

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