Mike Kennelly's

Tilbury Fort

for Half-Life & Day of Defeat

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Presenting a new "real-world" inspired map for Half-Life, and its WWII-based mod, Day of Defeat.

Tilbury Fort

This map is modelled on the 17th Century military base in Essex, UK - Tilbury Fort.

Here are some screenshots...
in-game shots on the left, the actual fort on the right.

(click on these to see larger images - 640x480 JPGs)

Big guns (they work, too!) ...here are the real thing
The powder magazine Ooh, lovely brickwork
Some more guns ...and their real life counterparts
This area reminded me of the Teletubbies house See?
The Water Gate, facing the river Very distinctive design
There are many interesting turfed outbuildings... ...like these
The Land Port Gate ... it leads onto a bridge to an island in the moat

... and these three screenshots are from the Day of Defeat version

If you enjoyed my previous fortress-style maps for Day of Defeat, dod_fortress, (partially based on Landguard fort in Felixstowe) and dod_fortzwei (entirely fictional), then hopefully you'll like this too.

Download It!

Download the necessary files from here...

Unzip to your halflife directory - Select the "Use folder names" option
( If you're using Steam, unzip to:
Steam\SteamApps\your-email-address\half-life or Steam\SteamApps\your-email-address\day of defeat )

Have you seen my other maps for DoD,
dod_fortress, dod_fortzwei and dod_bleakhill?


e-mail: mike.kennelly(a)dsl.pipex.com

Credits and Acknowledgements

The maps presented here, and all original textures, are my own work.

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