TGA map editing

2. Terrain (Texture) Map

The second (from top) area of map_mapname.tga is a terrain texture map.

  • Different colours represent different types of terrain (grass, snow etc)

For example, pixels of pure yellow (R=255,G=255,B=0) represent Beach Sand.

  • The default texture is Grass (R=0 G=204 B=0)
  • Brick and Cliff textures need to be painted on non-horizontal surfaces
  • The 'Forest Grass' texture also gets painted into this terrain map when trees are added in the Terrain Editor.

Here's the 'Edit Terrainmap' menu:

5 Grass types
3 Sand
5 Mountain/Ice
2 Dirt
2 Brick
6 Cliff
4 Grass
2 Desert
2 Cliff
2 Cliff
3 Road/Stone
Here are the corresponding colours in the .tga file:

Put them all together... ...and this is what they all look like in the editor
(with added mountains, for the brick/cliff textures):
  This screenshot, incidentally, covers approximately one square 'unit' of map - 60x60 pixels in the tga file

TerrainMap Colour Key

 0 Grass (default) R=0 G=204 B=0

 1 Grass Detail R=0 G=153 B=0
 2 Grass Rocky R=255 G=128 B=0
 3 Grass Rocky 2 R=255 G=153 B=0
 4 Grass Transition R=0 G=178 B=0
 5 Beach Sand R=255 G=255 B=0 (pure yellow)
 6 Sand 2 R=153 G=255 B=0
 7 Grass/Sand R=204 G=255 B=0
 8 Mountain R=204 G=204 B=204
 9 Ice/Mountain R=230 G=230 B=230
10 Mountain 3 R=178 G=178 B=178
11 Ice R=255 G=255 B=255 (pure white)
12 Snow R=230 G=230 B=255
13 Dirt R=153 G=128 B=102
14 Dirt 2 R=178 G=153 B=128
15 Gravel R=128 G=128 B=128 (mid grey)
16 Brick XZ R=255 G=0 B=0 (pure red)
17 Brick YZ R=255 G=0 B=32
18 Cliff XZ R=128 G=0 B=0
19 Cliff YZ R=128 G=0 B=32
20 Cliff2 XZ R=128 G=32 B=0
21 Cliff2 YZ R=128 G=32 B=32
22 Cliff3 XZ R=128 G=51 B=0
23 Cliff3 YZ R=128 G=51 B=32
24 Forest Grass R=0 G=255 B=32
25 Long Grass R=0 G=255 B=51
26 Yellow Grass R=0 G=255 B=76
27 Yellow Grass 2 R=0 G=255 B=102
28 Cracked Desert Ground R=153 G=102 B=0
29 Cracked Desert Ground 2 R=153 G=102 B=32
30 Desert Cliff XZ R=204 G=0 B=0
31 Desert Cliff YZ R=204 G=0 B=32
32 Desert Cliff 2 XZ R=178 G=0 B=0
33 Desert Cliff 2 YZ R=178 G=0 B=32
34 Shrub Ground R=178 G=128 B=0
35 Road R=153 G=102 B=128
36 City Stone R=153 G=102 B=102
37 Vineyard Cobblestone R=153 G=102 B=176

Editing the Terrain Map

  • Set a brush with 100% Opacity, 100% Hardness, low Density and low Step.

    Adjust the size as necessary.

    (This example shows brush settings in Paint Shop Pro v5.0 - Your Image editor may differ)

    Set the appropriate colour for the type of terrain you wish to paint, e.g.

  • Grass (Default):

         R=0 G=204 B=0 Equivalent in Terrain Editor:
    H=85 S=255 V=102
    HTML Color: #00CC00

  • Sand:

         R=255 G=255 B=0 Equivalent in Terrain Editor:
    H=43 S=255 V=128
    HTML Color: #FFFF00

  • Snow:

         R=255 G=255 B=255 Equivalent in Terrain Editor:
    H=0 S=0 V=255
    HTML Color: #FFFFFF