Enabling and Running the Terrain Editor

Enabling the Terrain Editor

  1. Get the v1.1 patch for Railroads, from one of these places:

    Once this patch is installed, the Terrain Editor is available, but needs to be enabled before you see it on the game menu.

  2. Find the file 'Settings.ini' in your 'My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Railroads!' folder, as shown here:

  3. Right-click the 'Settings.ini' file, select 'Open With', choose Wordpad, and add a new line, 'EditorEnabled = 1' as shown here:

    Save the file and close Wordpad.

  4. Now when you start the game, you should see the Terrain Editor option (check the version number in the bottom left corner is Version - if not, you haven't correctly installed the patch)

Running the Terrain Editor

  1. Here's the game Intro screen showing the 'Terrain Editor' option.

  2. Click the 'Terrain Editor' button, and (once you've acknowledged the warning)...

  3. ... you will see this menu:

  4. Click the 'Create a new map.' option, and you will see this selection of map sizes. Pick one.

    'Create a new map' MenuAreaGrid SizeSize of map in .tga file
    100 sq. units= 10 x 10601x601 pixels (x8)
    121 sq. units= 11 x 11661x661 pixels (x8)
    144 sq. units= 12 x 12e721x721 pixels (x8)
    169 sq. units= 13 x 13781x781 pixels (x8)
    196 sq. units= 14 x 14841x841 pixels (x8)
    225 sq. units= 15 x 15901x901 pixels (x8)
    Return To Editor Menu

    (A 'unit' here is equivalent to 60x60 pixels in the tga file used to store terrain height info etc.)

  5. The editor loads, and you are prompted for a map name. Here I'm calling mine 'test_map'.

    (The file name extension, '.SMR_Scenario', will be added automatically to indicate its type.)

  6. Once you've named your new map and clicked 'OK', the Terrain Editor icon menu appears...