UK Large Multiplayer Map for Sid Meier's 'Railroads!'

Custom multiplayer scenario

Feb 2007

I've attached a working version of my "UKLargeMP" map for you to try out, if you like.

It works for me (and I think plays reasonably well), but I can't guarantee no crashes etc...

Key features:

  • Large 15x15 size map (maximum available), based on Firaxis' original UK scenario
  • Supply and demand fiddled with
  • 23 new cities, including my home town (= Felixstowe)
  • Industries less conveniently placed, and somewhat more realistically sited for the UK (e.g. Lowestoft fisheries, Nottingham textiles)
  • I've attempted to make the profitable routes hard to find by keeping industries scarce - to encourage competition.
  • Mountainous areas smoothed out a bit (got rid of the hills in East Anglia!)
  • London has terminii (Paddington, Waterloo etc.) - not sure about this, feedback welcomed.
  • Works or without with the "global XML" map installation method described here


Installation Instructions

You should first install the Railroads v1.1 patch

Unzip into your My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Railroads!\CustomAssets\XML\_SCENARIOS_ folder (thereby creating a new folder, UKLargeMP with the .xml and .tga files in it).


e-mail: mike.kennelly(a)

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Updated: Feb 2007