Mike Kennelly's Landguard Fort for Unreal(TM)

Darells Battery (and The Caponier)

Darells Battery (named after Major Nathaniel Darell, Governor of Landguard Fort 1667) is a fairly modern addition to Landguard fort. Formerly known as the Minefield Battery when first constructed in 1901, this imposing structure faces the river Orwell. The battery originally housed two 4.7" breech loading guns. During World War II these were replaced by two twin six-pounders, and the three-storey towers were added.

The battery housed ammunition recesses, but because it had no magazine a sally port had to be opened in the side of the caponier (the bomb-proof half dome structure projecting from the wall of the fort) to enable ammunition to be brought out from the main fort magazines.

Unfortunately visitors to the fort cannot presently enter Darell's Battery for safety reasons. (That's why my reconstruction is a little shaky in this area...)

Gameplay Note

You can get a nice sniper shot at the Fire Control Building from the towers on Darrels Battery.

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