Game Levels

o August 2009 - China (Shanghai) map, for Sid Meier's 'Railroads!'

o May 2009 - Eastern Europe (Ukraine) map, for Sid Meier's 'Railroads!'

o 2008 - 'Bleakhill' for Day of Defeat: Source to be improved

I've handed the .VMF source for this map over to the DoD enthusiasts at Kustom Kettle, they are working on an improved version. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

o Sep 2008 - Iceland map, for Sid Meier's 'Railroads!'

o Sep 2007 - UKPennines map, for Sid Meier's 'Railroads!'

o Feb 2007 - My customised version of the UK map, for Sid Meier's 'Railroads!'

o Jan 2007 - Guide to creating User Maps for Sid Meier's 'Railroads!'

o October 2005 - 'Bleakhill' returns - for Day of Defeat: Source

Uploaded 28 October 2005 (this map is playable in DoD: Source, HL2 Deathmatch, or Battlegrounds 2 v0.14! )

o Feb 2005 - 'Tube' map (v2) for Half-Life 2

19 Feb 2005 - update to the map I submitted for the Valve HL2DM map making contest in January.
(This one has a working tube train)

o Tilbury Fort map for Half-Life 1, and Day of Defeat

03 Feb 2004

o "Step Into The Game" Arena for Half-Life 1

11 Dec 2002

o dod_fortzwei4

This is version 4, 16 May 2002

o Demos for BTexact Technologies Schools Lecture

19th-23rd November 2001

o dod_fortress for Day of Defeat

A coastal fortress scenario (My first map for the Half-Life WWII-based mod, "Day of Defeat")

o de_rooftop for Half-Life/Counter-Strike

A Defusion map for the Half-Life mod, Counter-Strike

Featured in PC Gamer (UK) Issue 100 - September 2001

o LandGuard Fort for Unreal, Unreal Tournament

A virtual reconstruction of historic Landguard Fort in Felixstowe.
for Unreal "classic", or Unreal Tournament (DM/CTF/DOM versions)

Featured in PC Gamer August 2000

Updated: May 2009
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