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for Day of Defeat 2.1

Oct 2005: Bleakhill for Day of Defeat:Source is now also available, here

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Presenting a new scenario for the Half-Life WWII-based mod, Day of Defeat.


This map continues my preference for fairly open settings, this time with the emphasis on a bleak, hilly terrain - hence, dod_bleakhill2_1. A light dusting of snow, an icy stream, and lots of route possibilities.

It's a flag capture / TNT combo with a couple of DoD 2.1 specific capture areas (both on high ground) and lots of trigger_sandbag areas for MG types.

There's also a ravine with a large bridge across.

New/Fixed in version 2.1

  • Fixed for DoD 2.1 (by adding info_player_start entity)

New/Fixed in version 2.0

  • Spawn positions rearranged to reduce spawn camping
  • "Stuck player" spawn bug on Axis side fixed
  • Allies now need 2 x TNT to destroy the ammo dump - blow the doors, then plant a second charge.
  • Allies quarry area altered to provide cover from snipers
  • Cave added in cliff beside stream
  • Area capture settings adjusted (now shows 1/2 on flags indicator)
  • Decided to keep the snow as I had more comments for than against
  • Re-scaled some of the cliff textures to improve r_speeds. Apologies to those who don't like the "dull" textures, but the map is supposed to be "bleak"... The textures (mostly) came from photos taken in the Peak District in winter.
  • (I recommend playing with fog turned on, it improves the atmosphere of the map)
  • Thanks to people who suggested changes, sorry if your suggestion hasn't been included.

Here are some screenshots...

(click on these to see larger images - 640x480 JPGs)

The Axis Base One of the flag capture areas
This hut needs to be captured Stone walls offer vantage points for MG carriers
This icy stream is a key area The Allies need to blow the gates in order to cross this bridge
Here's a view of the same bridge from the ravine below "Bang"

If you enjoyed my previous maps for Day of Defeat, dod_fortress, and dod_fortzwei, then hopefully you'll like this too.

Download It!

Download the necessary files from here...

New VERSION 2.1 for DoD 2.1:

Unzip to your
halflife\DoD directory
(Select the "Use folder names" option)
Readme file: dod_bleakhill2_1.txt
Have you seen my other maps for DoD,
dod_fortress and dod_fortzwei?

Oct 2005: Bleakhill for Day of Defeat:Source is now also available, here


e-mail: mike.kennelly(a)dsl.pipex.com

Credits and Acknowledgements

The maps presented here, and all original textures, are my own work.

Respect to Valve Software and Sierra Studios for the still outstanding Half-Life, and to the Day of Defeat mod developers at www.dayofdefeatmod.com

If you're looking for more Half-Life levels, be sure to visit www.planethalflife.com.

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