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dod_fortzwei4 for Day of Defeat

- version 4 (for DoD 2.1) now available -

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This is the fourth version of my scenario for the Half-Life WWII-based mod, Day of Defeat.
(dod_fortzwei4.txt details changes since v3)

Here are some screenshots...

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Nice and Peaceful Some dungeons, yesterday Anyone in the Attic? Hardware upgrade...
Proceed with caution Pleasant aspect, sought after area ...even harder upgrade The Village
New in version 4...
  • Fixed for DoD v2.1 by adding an info_player_start entity
  • New back door added to fort
  • Axis are now allowed to use the main fort door to exit - but Allies still require TNT to break in
  • Added spyhole in door of bunker on rear slope
  • Moved some Axis spawn points
New features in version 3...
The Allies need to use TNT to enter the fort Many new areas in fort basement
  • Added a 6th flag, points adjusted to provide more even scores between teams
  • Axis are no longer allowed to jump out from the towers at rear of fort
  • Big guns (broken by changes in DoD 2) have been made func_tanks (were func_tankmortars) to get them working. They make a nice big noise again now.
  • Added many new areas in fort basement
  • Allies must now use TNT to enter the fort, at any of five points
  • Added a defensive bunker on the slope behind the fort
  • Axis are now forced to maintain a more defensive position until Allies breach the fort (their exit routes are very limited until the Allies break in) Allies, please don't abuse this by not entering the fort at all!
  • Added several MG deployment areas for people who like to carry serious hardware
  • Made two of the flags area captures
  • Added more clip brushes where players were getting caught on the ruins in the Allies initial spawn area
  • Minor adjustments to some windows etc.
  • Fixed ambient sounds
  • Added new environment sound cues
  • Improved rooftop visible from top of church tower, which was half sky

Download It!

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Unzip to your halflife\DoD directory (Select the "Use folder names" option)
*NEW* Version 4
(for DoD 2.1)
20 May 2002
Readme file: dod_fortzwei4.txt
Have you seen my other maps for DoD, dod_fortress and dod_bleakhill?


e-mail: mike.kennelly(a)dsl.pipex.com

Credits and Acknowledgements

The maps presented here, and all original textures, are my own work.

For the morningdew sky, thanks to the Mighty Pete ! - see his work on the WadFather site.

Respect to Valve Software and Sierra Studios for the still outstanding Half-Life, and to the Day of Defeat mod developers at www.dayofdefeatmod.com

If you're looking for more Half-Life levels, be sure to visit www.planethalflife.com.

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