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dod_fortress for Day of Defeat

(This map works with DoD 2.1)

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Presenting a coastal fortress scenario for the Half-Life WWII-based mod, Day of Defeat.

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Just another day at the beach Architecture and immortality From certain angles this structure looks like a big space invader, don't you think? The end of the pier show
The tradesmen's entrance Inside. Looking out. Where are those deckchair attendants? "Axis score 1 point". We'll see about that...
The interior of the fortress is based on the real Landguard Fort in Felixstowe, Suffolk (UK), as previously featured in my Unreal Tournament map, dm-mjklandguardfort. (see www.landguard.com for information about the fort itself.)

In this scenario, the fort has been transposed to a different setting, and the exterior remodelled, to enhance gameplay, and provide a "dod_omaha" style experience, but with the Axis/Allies roles reversed.

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See also: dod_fortzwei, My second map for DoD


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