Mike Kennelly's Game Levels:

"Step Into The Game" Arena

as featured in demos for BTexact Technologies Schools Lecture 2001

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This page features two Half-Life levels designed for use in the
BTexact Schools Lecture, "Step into the game", held at Adastral Park, Martlesham
from 19th-23rd November 2001

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Here are some screenshots...

(click on the captions to see larger images - 640x480 JPGs)

JBLT Pic 1 JBLT Pic 2 Arena Pic 1 Arena Pic 2


Download the necessary files from here...

"Step Into The Game" Arena

Unpack to your halflife directory
(Select the "Use folder names" option)

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e-mail: mike.kennelly(a)dsl.pipex.com

Credits and Acknowledgements

The maps presented here, and all original textures, are my own work.

The BTexact logo featured in the earlier versions of these maps is the property of BTexact.

Respect to Valve Software and Sierra Studios for the still outstanding Half-Life

If you're looking for more Half-Life levels, be sure to visit www.planethalflife.com.

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