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One of my more popular maps in the past was dod_bleakhill (link to old version), for the previous versions of Half-Life WWII-based mod, Day of Defeat.

Now its back... in new, improved, Source-compatible form.

Sept 2008: I've handed the .VMF source for this map over to the DoD enthusiasts at Kustom Kettle, they are working on an improved version. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Here are some screenshots (thanks to Angus Cheng for contributing to these)...

(click on these to see larger images - 640x480 JPGs)

On the left:
dod_bleakhill - old version (HL1 engine)
On the right:
Bleakhill for DoD:Source
Bleakhill - old version (HL1 engine) Bleakhill - Source engine version
Bridge - old version (HL1 engine) Looking across the bridge - Source engine version
Bridge - old version (HL1 engine) Bridge over the ravine
Ravine - old version (HL1 engine) Steps down into the ravine
Huts on the moor - old version (HL1 engine) Huts on the moor need to be captured
Axis base - old version (HL1 engine) Approaching the Axis base

Notes on bleakhill for Day of Defeat: Source

  • This map is designed for Day of Defeat: Source, but it can also be played, without addition/alteration, in Half-Life 2 Deathmatch (player spawns included) and in the Battlegrounds 2 mod (see note below).

  • Ladders don't seem to be implemented in DoD: Source, to get around this I've used invisible player clip "steps" behind ladder entities. (The ladder to the top of the bridge over the ravine was too tall for this trick) I need to revisit this when an improved .fgd file is available

  • The terrain in the original map consisted of several distorted cuboid brushes, stretching the capabilities of the HL1 engine somewhat. Changing these to use displacement map surfaces as provided by the Source engine lowered compile time on my system from over four hours to around twenty minutes.

  • The snow previously implemented in sprite form now uses func_precipitation and func_dustcloud entities (attempts to use a global fog controller looked wrong - too much white-out on the distant scenery.)

  • Because the fgd file for DoD: Source is fairly incomplete at the moment none of the TNT objectives/breakable scenery are included in this version. Control Points (flags) are in much the same locations as previously, however.

  • As an experiment I also included flags/player spawn points for the Battegrounds 2 mod, which I have been enjoying recently - but in this beta version the HL2DM weapon pick-ups are also available, which is a little incongruous - so you can load this map in BG2, but player restraint/etiquette is required! I may produce a BG2-specific version if there's sufficient interest.

  • A few people have commented that the new map needs a 3D skybox - actually there is one, but it doesn't extend very far beyond the edge of the map in places

  • I've tried to remain faithful to the original where possible. So although Source features like displacement mapped terrain, static props, and realistic water have been used, the layout remains the same, with minor tweaks like additional windows in the bunkers on the bridge over the ravine. (and a new, third, bunker on the Allies side.)

Fixed for black player/flag textures in DoD:S

  • For now the map is compiled without buildcubemaps. This is because the lighting depends almost entirely on an env light rather than individual light sources - in DoD:S the player models and flags were appearing entirely black after running buildcubemaps, making it hard to recognise the enemy!

Download It!

Bleakhill for Day of Defeat: Source

Unzip to your
($SteamUserDir)\day of defeat source\dod\maps directory


e-mail: mike.kennelly(a)

Credits and Acknowledgements

The maps presented here, and all original textures, are my own work.

Thanks to Valve for Half-Life/Source, and to the Day of Defeat mod developers at

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